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Political scandal

A political scandal is a scandal in which politicians engage in various illegal or unethical practices. A political scandal can involve the breaking of the nation's laws, including the rules of the constitution or creating a plot or conspiracy to do so. Sex scandals often occur within the ranks of politicians, but these are different than political scandals as they rarely directly affect political operation.

Since the infamous American Watergate scandal of 1973, it has become fashionable to create names for polticial scandals by adding the suffix "gate" to an adjective or noun that realates to the scandal. For example, a scandal involving a casino could be dubbed "Casinogate," a scandal involving a murder could be called "Murdergate" and so forth.

Famous Political Scandals

Below are some accused scandals, all debated. Some say that some of these don't count as actual scandals while others allege some of these events flat out didn't occur.

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