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Political model

Political Models

The standard political model is the political spectrum. This is a line representing a left/right view of politics. Typically it is presented as follows:

Image 1


There are problems with this model. Certain political philosophies do not fit. In particular: Anarchism and Libertarianism. Anarchism is assumed to be "left", and Libertarianism is "right".

A model is not reality, it is only a representation of reality. Other possible models do exist. For example:

Image 2

A good model clarifies differences and similarities without being overly complex. In this model Anarchism and Communism no longer seem quite so close together. Some of the political differences between the two philosophies become clearer. On the other hand, it is much more complex than Image 1.

There are limitations to this model as well. One limitation is that it does not show how the political philosophy of feminism is intertwined with other political philosophies. Feminists have been involved in Anarchism, Communism, Libertarianism, and even Fascism. This model does not show the impact and change that feminism has made to political thought, but rather leaves the false impression that feminism is merely an add-on.

Another variant is the political compass that has one axis ('x') for Left-Right and another axis ('y') for Authoritarian-Libertarian.

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