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Pokemon Yellow

What's So Special About Yellow?

Pokemon Yellow is the fourth (or, if you live in America, third) game in the Kanto Region series of
Pokemon games. It is different from Red, Blue, and Green because of one thing in particular: Pikachuu is your starter monster, rather than Fushigidane (Bulbasaur), Hitokage (Charmander), or Zenikame (Squirtle). This is why there is a picture of Pikachuu on the cover. Its full title is Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachuu Edition.

For those of you who liked playing Red/Blue/Green, but didn't like the graphics, you will be pleased to know that the visuals have gone through a major overhaul. No more having to endure virtually everything being the same color! The monsters are their correct colors (e.g., Poppo [Pidgey] is brown; Koiking [Magikarp] is orange), and the cities are all their own shades. Nintendo really took advantage of the Game Boy Color's capabilities here, and it looks excellent.

Your Pal Pikachuu

In Red, Blue, and Green, Pikachuu was just a regular little creature that had to be captured in Viridian Forest. This time, however, Pikachuu is given to you at the beginning of the game. Here's what happens: Ookido-Hasake (Professor Oak)will be missing from his laboratory yet again, so you'll go out into the grass. Ookido-Hasake will show up right then, warning you that wild Pokemon live in the long grass, and that you need your own monster For Your Protection. (Yes, I meant to capitalize those words). At that moment, a wild Pikachuu will show up. Don't go thinking, "Oops, I blew it," this is supposed to happen. Ookido will capture the Pikachuu, and give it to you soon afterwards. And as for your rival? He'll get an Ibui (Eevee).

That being said, there are certain things about Pikachuu that you need to know. It's different in Yellow.