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Platoon is a term from military science. In an army, a platoon is a unit of thirty to forty soldiers typically commanded by a first lieutenant who is assisted with either a second lieutenant or sergeant major as platoon lieutenants; a platoon may also be commanded by a second lieutenant with a sergeant major as his platoon lieutenant. A platoon is usually formed of at least two squads and is smaller than a company. Most platoons are infantry platoons; some carry other designations such as mortar or heavy weapons platoons.

A platoon is the smallest military unit led by a commissioned officer.

There was a movie called Platoon which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1986.

In the future, cars may group into platoonss to reduce congestion and increase efficiency.

The word is derived from 17th Century French peleton, meaning a small ball or small detachment of men, which came from pelote, a ball.

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