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Piper PA-32

The Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six is a series of six or seven seat, high-performance aircraft, manufactured in the United States by Piper Aircraft.

The PA-32 series began life as the Cherokee Six, a significantly modified six (or seven) seat development of the PA-28 Cherokee.

The turbocharged Saratoga II TC was introduced in 1997. 1999 models introduce new Garmin and S-TEC avionics. A five seat interior with a entertainment/workstation console (similar to that in the Seneca V) is optional.

The PA-32 was also built under licence in Brazil as the Embraer EMB-720 Minuano, and the PA-32R as the EMB-721 Sertanejo, while Chincul in Argentina built the PA-32 as PA-A-32, the PA-32R as PA-A-32R, and the PA-32RT as the PA-A-32RT.

Unfortunately, the Saratoga is possibly best known outside the aviation community as the aircraft type in which John F. Kennedy Jr and two passengers were fatally injured on July 16 1999. No blame for the accident has been attached to the aircraft.

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