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Pierre Graber

Pierre Graber (December 6, 1908 - July 19, 2003) was a Swiss politician.

He was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and after studying law in Neuchâtel and Vienna he became attorney-at-law in Lausanne.
Active in the Social Democratic Party, he was in the municipal parliament of Lausanne (1934-1946), member of the parliament of the canton of Vaud (1937-1946), mayor of Lausanne (1946-1949), member of the National Council (1942-1969, except 1963), and member of the government of the canton of Vaud (1962-1970).

He was elected to the Swiss Federal Council on December 10, 1969. During his time in office, he headed the Political Department, i.e. ministry of foreign affairs. Graber was President of the Confederation in 1975 and handed over office on January 31, 1978.

Graber died in Lausanne.


Predecessor: Willy Spühler
Successor: Pierre Aubert