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Phrozen Crew

A group of like-minded computer software crackerss, the Phrozen Crew (PC) was created back in 1993 by Aphex Twin. Aphex Twin recruited a guy by the name of The Keyboard Caper (tKC), which was the one who would later lead PC to fame. After a while, PC was starting to dwindle down as more and more members left the group; this is normal for most software hacking groups. Despite this, tKC decided it was well worth while to reform the group. Thus, the modern Phrozen Crew was born. It was terribly small at the time - four members: tKc (president), Psylocke (vice pres. ansi coder), Mutha (musician), and Lucido (graphics). This took place in 1995 when their first crack was made -

In 1996, tKC started up the first Phrozen Crew IRC group, namely #PC96. Most people had not yet heard of PC at this time and it wasn't extremely popular. The most world renowned group at that time (and arguably still) was the United Cracking Force (UCF). The Phrozen Crew and UCF were and still are on good terms as many people were in both groups. Even though the cordiality is still present, it is much less than in the old days.

1995 and 1996 were the years that PC really started to get recognized. Many people signed up to join their "leet" ranks: Archimede, Baloosh, AlieN, MegaByte, tHATDUDE, et. al. Other include Saltine, LordByte, Killer+Bee, and surva. PC was rapidly growing. That is what led to the Phrozen Crew crash of 1998, however.

In 1998, PC was completely revamped, so to speak. So many members left that the group almost disintegrated; however, the core members were still steadfast. Despite these hardships, PC eventually found its way back on track by the end of 1998. Ever since then, PC has gone on without a hitch. They, like most other cracking organizations, have stated that they simply "promote free software" through cracks, rather than deliberately trying to hack security features on software.

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