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Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Belle Katz Cates (born July 16, 1963), better known as Phoebe Cates, is an American actress, who, according to her own words, has retired from acting to become a full time mother. She is the daughter of director Joseph Cates and the niece of Gilbert Cates, also a director. She is a native of New York, where she attended the Children's professional Acting School. She is also the Goddaughter of actress Joan Crawford.

She was famous in the early and middle 1980s for her acting in a handful of teenager orientated movies, and her face made the covers of teen magazines such as Tiger Beat, 16 (magazine), Teen Beat and others.

In 1989, she married actor Kevin Kline. In 1991, she was going to participate in Father of the Bride, but she got pregnant and could not act in that movie.

Her filmography: