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Philip Christoph von Königsmarck

Philip Christoph von Königsmarck or Philip Christoph Königsmarck, (March 4, 1665- July 2, 1694 (?)) was a Swedish count and military. He is most known for being the lover of George I of Great Britains wife Sophia, Princess of Zelle.

On the night to July 2 1694, after a meeting with Sophia, he disappeared and his body was never found. He was probably murdered at the instigation of her husband.

Königsmarck was grandson to the Swedish Field Marshal Hans Christoff von Königsmarck and nephew to the Swedish Field Marshal Otto Wilhelm von Königsmarck. His sister Aurora von Königsmarck was mistress to August II of Poland, with whom she had the son Maurice de Saxe, the brilliant French military commander.

Most of the letters between publicerade Königsmarck and Sophia was publiced by W.H. Wilkins, "The love of an uncrowned queen" (2 parts, 1900).