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Peter Wiggin

In the science fiction story Ender's Game and its sequels, Peter Wiggin is Ender's (or Andrew's) older brother. He is cruel to Ender but is intelligent enough to go to battle school, as is the middle child Valentine; but Peter is deemed too harsh and Valentine to soft. This is why the Wiggins were allowed to slip through a loophole of the population restriction laws and have a "third", Ender.

While Ender is away in battle school to be trained to fight the alien "buggers" (Hive Queens), Peter convinced Valentine to use their parents' network identities (though eventually their own) to submit to the world great and influential writings under the names of Locke (Peter) and Demosthenes (Valentine).

After the buggers are defeated, Peter becomes Hegemon, or governor of the world and sends away his brother, Ender, to save him from the changing world on Earth: the saviour of the Humankind slowly became a monster in the eyes of citizens - as they forgot the war, Ender would come to be known as Ender the Xenocide, or Alien killer, as if he was a cruel murderer, even though he had no idea that he was actually in battle.

When Peter died Ender wrote a book called "The Hive Queen and the Hegemon" that explained how the buggers didn't know how terrible a crime murder was, and also what Peter's intentions were when he did things that didn't seem like they could be for anybody's good. The point of view of the book wasn't the one of the community but tried to show the real intentions and thoughts, the real reasons behind the acts of the Hive Queen and the Hegemon. He signed it as "The Speaker For The Dead", and with this unique way to remember a dead person (and a dead race, the buggers) created a new order of "Speakers", who would eventually become common at every funeral as a person not who made all their acts seem better, but explain the real intentions and the purposes of their lives.