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Perry Mason

Perry Mason is a fictional defense attorney who originally appeared in novels by Erle Stanley Gardner and who was portrayed by Raymond Burr in a television series of the 1960s. The general plot involves Perry Mason unmasking the actual murderer in a final dramatic courtroom showdown. As such it is a highly unrealistic portrayal of the criminal justice system, and some of the structure of the television show was dictated by the motion picture and television codes of the 1950s which required an ending in which justice was served and in which the police and judicial institutions were not questioned.

An unsuccessful attempt to recreate the series, named "The New Perry Mason", and starring Monte Markham, was made in 1973, but it only lasted one season. Burr came back with a very successful series of Perry Mason TV movies from 1985 through 1993.

Warren William starred in a series of Perry Mason movies from 1934 through 1936, and Donald Woods starred in the 1937 "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop".

Other characters in the Perry Mason universe include: