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A periscope is a simple device for seeing around corners. It is used on submarines and as toy. Periscopes may also be used by people in large crowds watching events that may otherwise be obscured by people nearer the front of the crowd.

Table of contents
1 Naval use
2 A cost-effective way of making a sturdy demonstration periscope

Naval use

First application of the periscope to submarine warfare is usually credited to Simon Lake in 1902, although there is a report that an Italian, Triulzi, demonstrated such a device in 1901 calling it a cleptoscope.

A modern submarine periscope incorporates lenses for magnification and functions as a telescope. It typically employs prisms and total internal reflection instead of mirrors. It may have additional optical capabilities such as range finding and targeting. The mechanical systems of submarine periscopes are typically hydraulically powered and need to be quite sturdy to withstand the drag through water. The periscope chassis may also be used as a radio or radar antenna.

Fig. 1
Perscope Demo Diagram

Fig. 2
Perscope Demo Photo

A cost-effective way of making a sturdy demonstration periscope

Equipment Required (to Make Demo Periscope)

Method for making the demonstration periscope

  1. Get the wood cut the wood to the correct size and sanded if need be.
  2. Screw the 4 long pieces together as in fig 1.
  3. Screw the prism shaped pieces of wood on either end as in fig 1. and attach mirrors with glue.
  4. Attach ends as in fig 1.
  5. It should look something like fig 2.