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Penrith City is in NSW, Australia. It is the western-most part of Sydney, located at the foot of the Blue Mountains, which are part of the Great Dividing Range.

The name Penrith came into use in the area in 1822. It seems to have been named after the township of Penrith, England.

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Political Divisions

Penrith City is divided in to 3 council wards, each having its own set of council members responsible for it:

Geography & Climate

Penrith City covers
407 square kilometres, the majority of this being very flat, although to the west are the Blue Mountains. The Nepean River runs through the city area and there is a lakes region in the north. Several rowing events in the Sydney 2000 Olympics were held at the lakes.

The climate is temperate, similar to Sydney although usually a few degrees warmer. Average Temperatures: Summer 16°- 30° / Winter 3°- 17° (Celsius). Median yearly rainfall is 821.6 millimetres.


According to the 2001 Census the population of Penrith City was 172,397 with a median age of 30 years. 72% of people were born in Australia, with 81% of people having the English language as the only language spoken at home. The population was 49% male and 51% adult.

There were 45661 households in the area, of which 55.1% were couples with children, 26.4% were couples without children, 17.3% were one parent families and 1.3% other families. 85.3% of families live in houses, the remainder in townhouses, semi detached, flats, etc.

The mean household size was 3 people with a median weekly household income of AUD$800-$999.

Sporting & recreation

Penrith has a number of local sporting clubs, the most well known being the Penrith Panthers Rugby League club, the winners of the 2003 NRL Grand Final, also the Panthers World of Entertainment is one of the largest clubs in Australia.

There are also many other sporting associations, including cricket clubs, AFL clubs and swimming clubs. For a full list see the Penrith City Council's list of sporting groups.

Famous Locations & Tourist Attractions

External Resources