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PBI (PolyBenzImidazole) fiber (1983) is a synthetic fiber with no melting point that also does not ignite. Due to its exceptional thermal and chemical stability, it is the love of astronauts and fire departments.

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PBI fiber characteristics

Major Industrial PBI Fiber Uses


The Federal Trade Commission definition for PBI fiber is "A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a long chain aromatic polymer having reoccurring imidazole groups as an integral part of the polymer chain."

PBI is prepared from tetra-aminobiphenyl and diphenyl isophthalate spun via a dry spinning process using dimethyl acetamide as the solvent.

First U.S. Commercial PBI Fiber Production: 1983, Celanese Corporation

Current U.S. PBI Fiber Producers: Celanese Corporation

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