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Paul Breitner

Paul Breitner, also called "Afro-Paule" Breitner thanks to his famous Afro haircut during his active career, was one of Germany's best strikers ever. His football career lasted from 1970 until 1983 mainly playing for Bayern Munich (70-74 and 78-83) and Real Madrid (74-78) with a short interruption in Braunschweig. The early peak of his long and succesful career was in '74 when he won the World Cup in his hometown of Munich against Holland ('74). A EuroCup in Italy ('80) later followed. He is also one of only three players ever to score in two World Cup finals ('74 against Holland and '80 against Italy). During his Club career he won several National Championships with Bayern Munich (72,73,74,80,81) and REAL (75,76) The Champions League (74) as well as the German (71,82) and Spanish Cup (75). To traditional fans in Germany he was widely feared for his "revolutionary" attitude and open communication of his opinion on political issues. Today he is working as TV critic and columnist and still controversial. On the website he made it also to the starting eleven.