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Pateros, Metro Manila

Pateros is a municipality in Metro Manila in the Philippines. This small town is famous for its duck-raising industry and especially for producing balut, a Filipino delicacy that is boiled duck egg. Pateros is bordered by Pasig City to the north, Makati City to the west, and Taguig to the south.

Municipality of Pateros

Region: National Capital Region (NCR)
Founded: 1770
2000 census—27,337.
Density—16,292 per km².
Area: 2.10 km²
Barangays: 10
Congressional district: Lone District of Pateros and Taguig
Class: 1st class; urban

Pateros is the smallest among the cities and municipalities in Metro Manila both in population and in land area, but it is the second most densely populated at around 27 thousand people per square kilometer after Manila.


The name of the Pateros most likely came from its duck-raising industry. The Tagalog word for duck is pato and pateros means duck-raisers. An equally viable theory, though less known is that the name also came from the town's small shoe-making industry. The Tagalog word for shoe is sapatos and shoe-makers are called sapateros.

Before 1770, Pateros was only a barrio of Pasig until the Spanish Governor-General in the Philippines issued a decree making Pateros an independent municipality.

On March 29, 1900, Pateros became one of the towns in the newly created province of Rizal, by virtue of General Order No. 40 Act No 137 of Philippine Commission promulgated o June 11, 1901. Then on October 12, 1903, Act No. 942 combined Pateros, Taguig and Muntinlupa into a single municipality under Pateros. The municipality was renamed into Taguig on March 22, 1905, through Act 1308. Executive Order No. 20 dated February 29, 1908 separated Pateros from Taguig and Pateros then gained its independent status as municipality on January 1, 1909 by Executive Order No. 36. On November 7, 1975, Pateros become part of the new Metropolitan Manila Area through Presidential Decree No. 924.

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