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Partick is an area of Glasgow on the north bank of the River Clyde, just across from Govan. It was administratively independent of Glasgow until 1912 when the Burgh of Partick was incorporated into the city.

It is traditionally viewed as a working-class area (although there are a few grander villas in the Partickhill area) although being within the sphere of influence of the University of Glasgow and neighbouring Glasgow's salubrious 'West-End' it has a high student population. Traditional industries for the area were shipbuilding and the huge Meadowside Granary employed many residents also. The main street in Partick, Dumbarton Road has a huge number of services for residents to use.

A recent up turn in the Glaswegian housing market has seen Partick increasingly become a desirable location and refurbishment and new housing programmes within the area have helped further this process.

Partick is home to the West of Scotland Cricket Ground, which was the site of the first ever international football (soccer) match (between Scotland and England) in the late nineteenth century.

Partick Thistle Football Club were formed in the area in 1876, but left to play in the Maryhill area of Glasgow in 1909.

The well known comedian Billy Connolly was a Partick resident as a child.