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According to Florentin Smarandache, paradoxism 1980 is the theory and school of using paradoxes in literary and artistic creation. Followers of paradoxism believe that it reveals inherent contradictions of existence by focusing on them, whereas other avant-garde movements such as dadaism and surrealism do not.
It makes use of clusters of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, parables, odds, oxymorons, paradoxes in creations.

Paradoxism is also a term claimed to have been coined by Edward Thomas Hood in 1992 in a manuscript titled Paradoxism. Hood has registered the domain name, and gives 16 related definitions for paradoxism and paradoxist, including the "time-chance continuum".

The first manifesto for paradoxism was published in Smarandache's 1983 French book "Le sens du non-sense" (The sense of the non-sense), Editions Artistiques, Fes, Morocco, which was appreciated by Eugene Ionesco.

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