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The Palomino is a breed of horse. Like the Appaloosa, the Palomino is a color breed, in which the distinguishing factor is the horse's coat color. The coat color of the Palomino is golden, with a flaxen or white mane and tail. Officially, the color must be no more than three shades lighter or darker than a freshly minted penny. White markings are permitted on the legs, but must not extend beyond the knees or hocks. A small amount of white is also permitted on the face.

Because registration is based solely on coat color, horses from many breeds can qualify, though in some breeds, such as the Thoroughbred, the golden color does not occur. Some breeds that exhibit the color are the American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse, Quarter Horse, and Hafflinger Pony.

Due to their unusual color, Palominos stand out in a show ring, and are much sought after as parade horses.