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In Greek mythology, Pallas was a son of Crius and Eurybia, husband of Styx. He was the father of Zelus, Nike, Cratos, and Bia (and sometimes, Eos or Selene). Pallas was the god of wisdom.

Pallas was also an epithet for Athena, who was sometimes thought of as Pallas' daughter. In one story, Pallas tried to rape her; she killed him and turned his skin into the aegis.

Aeson was the name of his horse

Pallas was also the name of one of the four sons of Pandion in Greek mythology.

Upon the death of Pandion, Pallas and his brothers (Aegeas, Nisos, and Lykos) took control of Athens from Metion, who had seized the throne from Pandion. They divided the government in four but Aegeas became king.

Later, after the death of Aegeas, Pallas tried to take the throne from the rightful heir, Theseus, but failed and was killed by him.

Pallas is also one of the earliest-discovered asteroids; see 2 Pallas.

Pallas is also a British progressive rock band; see Pallas (band).