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Paderborner Pilsener


The local beer of the city of Paderborn is called Paderborner Pilsener. The traditional westphalian brewery was bought by the german brewery-major Warsteiner in the end of the 1980s

The Paderborner beer-Family

There are two different sorts of Paderborner. The first (it has a rather "oldschool-touch" in the area) is plainly called "Paderborner Pilsener". It has a rather herbal taste with a strange sweetness which actually is hops.

The second type is called Paderborner Gold. It tastes much fresher. Its origin is not as traditional as the origin of the original Paderborner Pilsener which has been brewed in this area for over 100 years. It was invented in the time when the big Warsteiner company bought the small local (and very catholic) brewery of Paderborn.

Paderborner Gold is the major beer on all official festivities in the area. Westphalian people from this area celebrate a lot. A few times a year there are celebrations of the local gunclubs ("Schützenvereine"). Members, dressed in traditional green dresses, try to kill a wooden eagle with shotguns. It is a very special eagle because it wears a crown and has an apple and a scepter in both of his hands.