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Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor

Otto III (980 - January 23, 1002) was the fourth ruler of the Saxon or Ottonian dynasty. Elected king of Germany in 983 on the death of his father (Holy Roman Emperor Otto II), he was crowned emperor on May 21, 996.

His mother Theophanu served as regent until her death in 991. Otto II's mother, Adelaide of Italy then served as regent until Otto III reached his majority.

Otto III strove to make the city of Rome his imperial seat. After the death of his cousin, Pope Gregory V, he secured the election (999) as Pope Sylvester II of his associate (and former tutor) Gerbert of Aurillac.

Otto died childless and was succeeded by his cousin, Henry II.

Preceded by:
Otto II
List of German Kings and Emperors Succeeded by:
Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor