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Origins for Beowulf and Rolf Krake

Beowulf and Rolf Krake (Hrolf Kraki) are two well-known characters in the myths and sagas of ancient Scandinavia.

Both are supposed to have lived sometimes around 450 - 550 AD, and much have been discussed over the years regarding the origin of them both.

Table of contents
1 Character alignments
2 Geographical definitions
3 References

Character alignments

There are several characters in Beowulf that apparently match the names known from other ancient northern tales and Sagas.

BeowulfRolf Krake, Heimskringla etc.Relation
OngentheowEgil (Angantyr) father of Ottar and Ale
OthereOttar brother of Ale
OnelaAle brother of Ottar
EadgilsAdils son of Ottar

Geographical definitions

The geographical placements of Beowulf's Weder-Geats as well as the other geograhically referenced places in Beowulf are subject to much debate.


Alignment of characters in the Sagas

There has been some work on possible equivalences between the Beowulf characters and the characters from the various Norse sagas and king-lists, etc.

Here are some references:

General Beowulf discussions

For other references on Beowulf, see the page for
Beowulf. Also the following sources are of interest.