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Operation Provide Comfort

Operation Provide Comfort was a military operation by the United States, starting on 24 July, 1991, to defend Kurds fleeing their homes in northern Iraq in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War.

A "No-Fly Zone" was established by the United Nations north of the 36th parallel. This was enforced by American and British aircraft. Also included in this effort was the delivery of humanitarian relief and military protection of the Kurds by a small American ground force based in Turkey.

On 14 April, 1994, two United States Air Force F-15 Eagle fighters on a Provide Comfort patrol mistakenly downed two United Army Blackhawk helicopters carrying twenty-six Allied personnel, killing all aboard.

The operation ended officially on 31 December, 1996 at the request of the Islamic Government of Turkey who wanted to improve relations with Iran and Iraq.

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