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Operation Hiram

Operation Hiram (sometimes called the Hiram Operation) started in early October 1948 during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. It was lead by Moshe Carmel, aimed at capturing the Galilee region.

It was a complete success and at the end of the month Israel had not only managed to capture the whole Galilee but had also advanced 5 miles into Lebanon to the Litani river.

In "Operation Hiram Revisisted: a Correction" by Benny Morris does he find out that, contrary to popular belief, orders were given out to clear the Galilee of Arabs. In October 31 Major General Moshe Carmel wrote a telegram to all his division and district commanders under his command:

Do all you can to immediately and quickly purge the conquered territories of all hostile elements in accordance with the orders issued. The residents should be helped to leave the areas that have been conquered. (Benny Morris, The Deportations of the Hiram Operation: Correcting a Mistake)

On October 29, 1948 after Safsaf had been captured, brigades involved in Operation Hiram committed the Safsaf massacre. In which 70 blindfolded men were executed and 3 girls raped.

In October, 1948 after occupying the village of Hula in Lebanon and rounding up a number of villagers, Israeli forces executed the remaining children, young persons, older and disabled persons in a savage massacre. A total of 90 persons were assembled in one house which was then demolished with the occupants still inside. The remaining families were forced to flee.

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Palestinian communities captured in Operation Hiram

Palestinian communities captures in Operation Hiram
Name Date Resistance Brigade
Al-Nabi Rubin Early October 1948 none n/a
Suhmata October 30, 1948 none Golani Brigade
Dayr al-Qassi October 30, 1948 none n/a
Arab al-Samniyya October 30-31, 1948 none Sheva', Carmeli, Golani, Oded
Iqrit October 31, 1948 none Oded Brigade
Iribbin, Khirbat October 31, 1948 none Oded Brigade
Kafr 'Inan October 30, 1948 none Golani Brigade
Marus October 30, 1948 none Sheva' Brigade
Mirun October 29, 1948 none Sheva', Carmeli
Safsaf October 29, 1948 ALA 2nd Battalion ?
Sa'sa October 30, 1949 none Sheva', Druze unit
Suruh November 1948 none ?
Tarbikha November 1948 none Oded Brigade

Brigades participating in Operation Hiram

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