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Operation Gunnerside

During World War II. Operation Gunnerside was the second commando raid on the Norwegian heavy water plant at Rjuken.

After the Freshman attack failed, the Swallow team escaped detection and prepared for a second attempt. On the night of 16 February, 1943, six Norwegian commandos jumped into a landing zone prepared by the Swallow pathfinders.

The team climbed down steep cliffs to place charges at key points in the factory and escaped before the explosives went off. All members of both teams were able to escape to neutral Sweden.

The attack destroyed a great deal of the valuable heavy water, but the plant resumed production quickly. After a series of air attacks on the facility, the Germans moved its critical components to Germany for greater security.

The disassembled factory was captured in April, 1944 by the Big nuclear intelligence teams in southern Germany.

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