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Operation Ambassador

During World War II, Operation Ambassador (14/15 July, 1940) was the second raid by British Commandos comprising 40 men of H Troop, No.3 Commando under Maj. John Durnford-Slater, and 100 men of No.11 Commando/Independent Company under Maj. Ronnie Tod.

The objective was offensive reconnaissance, prisoner capture and aircraft destruction on the Channel Island of Guernsey. Three landing points were designated but only No.3 Commando landed successfully. One party of No.11 were taken to the wrong island (Sark) and the other encountered a series of boat problems. No.3 Commando failed to find any of the 469-man German garrison and discovered they had to extract themselves by swimming @ 100 metres out to their boats as the tide had risen too high for their motor craft to beach among the rocks.

At this stage it was discovered three Commandos could not swim so were left on the beach with additional French currency. They later surrendered. A dingy was used to ferry weapons to the boats and on the fifth excursion it was dashed against a rock and one of the three men escorting it drowned.