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Onogur or Onoghur was the name of the European Avar federation spreading from Pannonia to the Kuban during their 2nd Dynasty under the rule of the Bolgar house of Dulo (also Dub or Dubo, of the Unogundur tribe of Bolgars) from 635-685CE. It was during this dynasty that Pannonia came to be known as Hungary by its neighbours. It is most frequently refered to as Great Bulgaria.

The state of Onoguria, was founded by Kubrat {also Kurt or Kuvrat explained as meaning "Wolf" b. c.585-587 CE} who was of Bulgar maternal & Avar Paternal lineage. His maternal Uncle Organa regent over his tribe while he grew up as a hostage in Byzanteum. Between 630-635CE he struggled to unite the Bulgars & Avars into a powerful Khaganate in the Ukraine. After his death his son Batbayan was left in charge of the Khaganate, but it soon splintered. First the Kotrags left to the east then rebel (Kubar) tribes seceeded in Pannonia while other Bulgars in that region sought refuge with the Lombards. Out of the turmoil Asparukh (apparently the brother of the Khagan) emmerged as the most prominent figure leading his Bulgars out of the federation south accross the danube to establish his state of Bulgaria there.

Little is known of what happened within Avar Onoguri between 685-791 but it is certain that reference to the area as Hungary continued amongst their western neighbours continued until the name stuck.

There are varying speculations as to the origin of the Onogur name. Some derive it from Turkic words meaning "Ten Arrows" meaning a federation of ten tribes. Others that it is from Unok-vndur a people mentioned in Armenian sources. Variations include: Onoghuria Onoguri Onoghuri Onghur Ongur Onghuri Onguri Onghuria Onguria Onogundur Unogundur Unokundur. etc.