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OmniWeb is a web browser made by OmniGroup. According to the developers' site, OmniWeb is built specifically—and exclusively—for NeXTSTEP, OPENSTEP and Mac OS X.

Under Mac OS X, for instance, OmniWeb uses Mac OS X's graphics engine to produce amazingly sharp web pages that display smooth text virtually as beautifully as a printed page. OmniWeb also takes full advantage of multiple processors for extra speed, and truly reflects the Aqua user interface with drawers, sheets, customizable toolbars and more.

OmniWeb has a rich feature set. If you know of a good hint, add it here! (this is a hints page, not necessarily an advertisement page)

OmniSaft is a plug-in for OmniWeb that adds a full-screen mode.


Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, and Chimera also support shortcuts. To use the address bar as a google search bar, copy this line into the shortcuts panel of the preferences:

" class="external">
ShortcutDestination URL

Now type this in the address bar: google omniweb and you will be taken to a page of google hits for omniweb.

Other useful shortcuts:

" class="external">" class="external">" class="external">" class="external">" class="external">
ShortcutDestination URL

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