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Olsen Brothers

The Olsen Brothers are two Danish brothers Jørgen (born 1950) and Noller (Niels, born 1954). They are rock- and pop-musicians. They formed their first band, The Kids, in 1965. The Kids warmed up for The Kinks in the K.B.Hallen in 1965. First single from The Kids was released in 1967.

They both participated in Hair (musical) in the Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen march 1971, later on tour in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Olsen Brothers' first album came out in 1972. To date they have released 12 albums.

Big hit-singles: Angelina (1972), Julie (1977), San Francisco (1978), Dans Dans Dans (1979), Marie, Marie (1982), Neon Madonna (1985)

Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 in Stockholm with Smuk som et Stjerneskud (English version: Fly on the Wings of Love).