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Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter cake that is topped with various ingredients. Japanese people often translate okonomiyaki as Japanese pizza, but this is clearly a misnomer. Okonomiyaki is generally eaten in okonomiyaki fast food restaurants rather than at home. In Japan okonomiyaki, is usually associated with Hiroshima and the Kansai region. There is a similar dish originating in Tokyo called monjayaki.

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How To Make

To make okonomiyaki batter, mix flour, grated yam with water or dashi. Then add egg and shredded cabbage. This makes a very basic okonomiyaki. There are many kinds of okonomiyaki which contain items such as Kimchi, mochi, cheese, and so on.

Common extra ingredients include: Green onion, meat, fish flakes, squid, shrimp, vegetables--anything one likes. The batter and toppings are spread on a hot plate (teppan) and fried until done.


Mayonnaise (optional), okonomiyaki-sauce, nori, and katsuoboushi (dried bonito flakes) on the top and Ginger on the side are common.

Okonomi means "what you like", and yaki means "grilled" or "fried" (c.f., yakitori and yakisoba) in Japanese, so this dish's name means "fry what you like." As the name shows, you can put anything you like. Some people make with pork, beef, lots of leek and various foods.


Different regions prefer different toppings and batters for okonomiyaki. In Hiroshima, it is common to add udon noodles to the mixture; in Kyoto, okonomiyaki is usually made with darker greens.

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