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Office québécois de la langue française

The Office québécois de la langue française (Quebec Office of the French language) was established by the 1977 Charter of the French Language. This governmental institution has the following mandate:

In order to carry out these responsabilities, the office has the powers to: The Charter of the French Language has also established two other organizations: The Commission of Toponymy and the Conseil supérieur de la langue française (Higher Council of the French Language).

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Negative Perception

The OLF was created by the sovereignist Parti Québécois government as a way to promote the normal use of the French language in the only North American society where a francophone majority lives.

There is a lot of animosity towards the OLF from English Canadians, some of whom strongly feel that as citizens of Canada they are discriminated against in the Province of Quebec.

The OLF became widely referred to as "tongue troopers" among English speakers of Canada after the American show 60 Minutes did a program on Quebec language laws and the term "language police" was used. In reality, the organization has no police power. In the majority of the cases, the office will convince businesses that it is in their own financial interests to respect the majority of the customers who speak French. Nowadays, it is pretty rare for English language businesses to ignore 6 out of 7 million people who speak French in Quebec. However, there have been cases where businesses have been fined and even shut down for violating these laws.


Since the 1988 court ruling, Quebec's language regulations require that French be predominant on exterior business signs as suggested by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Ford v. Quebec case. Since that time, the law has complied with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and all court rulings on the matter.

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