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ObjectWeb : a Consortium to propagate Application Independence and Open Source Middleware

ObjectWeb is an international consortium of leading enterprises and research organizations who have joined forces to produce next generation of Open Source middleware. ObjectWeb's goal is to provide Real-Time Enterprises with independent solutions which combine quality and robustness at the best possible performance/cost ratio.

ObjectWeb targets alternative solutions to proprietary products for e-business, EAI, house automation and telecommunications but also data store connectivity, grid computing, enterprise messaging or micro-kernel design. Based on Open Standards such as J2EE, CORBA, XML, GLOBUS, OSGi, these middleware components include application servers, components, frameworks and tools. Examples of ObjectWeb's "cost killer" middleware are JOnAS - a J2EE Application Server, JORAM JMS - a Message Oriented Middleware or Enhydra - Java/XML Application Server.

ObjectWeb hosts a collaborative infrastructure which enables development of perennial Open Source projects. Each project is independently conducted by a leader. The expertise is shared between projects via a technical College of Architects who develops the long-term vision for ensuring coherence in the components design. Such a set of highly skilled professionals gathering R&D efforts and sharing the results with the Open Source community represents a worldwide premiere in the Middleware industry.