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Obelix (originally Obélix) is a fictional character, a sidekick with superhuman strength in the Asterix comic books. His job when not bashing Romans is as a menhir delivery man. He has a little dog named Idefix (Dogmatix in English editions).

Unlike all other Gauls in the village, Obelix has no need to drink the druid's magic potion, because he fell into the cauldron as a baby, making its effect upon him permanent.

Obelix has a tremendous appetite, and his favourite dish is roast wild boar, which he hunts with Asterix. He gets drunk very quickly if he consumes alcohol. Obelix is kind-hearted, but not too bright intellectually, and leaves to Asterix much of the decisions.

This does not seem to have led to a general practice of infant baptism in magic potion among the Gauls.

Obelix's name is a play on the French word obélisque (obelisk), perhaps suggested by his habit of casually carrying heavy stone monuments around with him.