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Oak Cliff, Texas

Oak Cliff was a town located in Dallas County, Texas. According to the 1900 census, the town had a total population of 3,640. It was annexed by the neighboring city of Dallas in 1903, but has retained a distinct neighborhood identity within the city.

Table of contents
1 Early Rise and Fall
2 More History
3 Oak Cliff Neighborhood Milestones
4 Sources

Early Rise and Fall

The community on the south bank of the Trinity River was called Hord's Ridge by its original residents in 1845. In 1887, a pair of land speculators bought the entire community's acreage with the intent of developing an elite residential and vacation community. The town incorporated in 1890, with a population of 2,470.

The investors quickly built the town's amenities and infrastructure, but the Panic of 1893 erased the prosperity the town had been designed to exploit. As the market for vacation communities disappeared, one of the investors was forced into bankruptcy, and the town's large, exclusive lots were divided into parcels for sale to middle- and working class buyers.

Oak Cliff's annexation by neighboring Dallas came in 1903, after three years of unsuccessful attempts by annexation backers. The final vote was 201 to 183 in favor.

More History

Please insert more historical details here, including the floods in the early 1900s, the 1957 tornado, and the demographic shift that built the diverse community of the 1990s

Oak Cliff Neighborhood Milestones