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Nupedia is an online encyclopedia project founded in March 2000 by Jimbo Wales and Larry Sanger. Its articles are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, and it features a peer review by experts. After an eighteen month gap from 12 October, 2001, Nupedia released two more articles on April 26, 2003, on source code and bacteria.

Nupedia is powered by: NupeCode collaborative software. A new version of the Nupedia code is being developed (and in trial use at a different website), dubbed NuNupedia.

Periodically there has been talk on the Wikipedia mailing list about the possibility of transforming Nupedia into a stable distribution of selected Wikipedia content.

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Nupecode is the software that runs the Nupedia project. It is open source (released under the GNU General Public License) and is designed for large peer review projects. The code is available via Nupedia's CVS repository.


NuNupedia is the new software for Nupedia, not yet replacing the original software. It is, however, implemented at its SourceForge site for testing purposes.

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