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Number Two

This article is about fictional characters. For the number 2, see Two.

At least two fictional characters have been called "Number Two".

  1. Number Two was the apparent boss in the Village in the British television show The Prisoner. A new person held that position in each episode, and introduced him- or herself as "I am the new Number Two." The best-known Number Two was Leo McKern (three episodes as Two). While he was not the only actor to play Two more than once (Colin Gordon also Two twice), he was the only actor to play the "same" Two more than once (the Two of episode 16 returns in episode 17). All the people who became Number Two were establishment figures (who had done governmental work previously?) and who were there to get information out of the Villagers, most notably Number Six. They said they would get information out of him "by hook or by crook".
  2. In the Austin Powers films, Number Two is Dr. Evil's second-in-command (who is actually keener to make money legitimately than engage in Dr. Evil's megalomaniac schemes). He is played by Robert Wagner; his younger self was played by Rob Lowe in Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me.