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Nottingham Forest F.C.

Nottingham Forest F.C. are an English football club.

Nottingham Forest have traditionally been a small team in English league standards. This was so until the mid 1970s when the team were lying in the middle of Division 3 (now known as Division 2).

The team then excelled through the English league system under the influence of Brian Clough, managing to win the league trophy in 1978. Nottingham Forest F.C. (affectionately known as just 'Forest') then went on to win the European Cup twice in succession and also the Super Cup which is held between the European champions and the South American champions.

In more recent years during the 1990s and early 2000s, they have been yo-yo'ing between the FA Premier league and the 1st Division.

There was a scare in early 2002 that the club would be made bankrupt and non-existent. This was not helped by the collapse of a major sponsor by the name of ITV Digital.