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Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure was a quirky, surreal, character-driven comedy television show that aired from 1990 to 1995.

The central character was Joel Fleischman (played by Rob Morrow), a New York Jewish doctor who in order to repay a student loan is forced to work four years in the tiny remote Alaskan town of Cicely. The comedy centred originally on the clash between Fleischman's urban mindset and the individual, easy-going and community-minded people around him. As time went on the focus became more on the quirky characters of the town.

Some of the more notable characters were:

Recurring guest stars included Alan Arkin as wildman/gourmet chef/possible ex-CIA agent 'Adam'; Anthony Edwards as the hyperallergic lawyer Mike Monroe, exiled to Cicely for the sake of his health; Graham Greene as Leonard Quinhagak, the native witch-doctor and Ed's mentor; Richard Cummings Jr as Bernard Stevens, Chris' half-brother; William J. White as Dave, the cook.

Also notable is the involvement of series creator/producer/writer David Chase, who went on to bring The Sopranos to prominence.

The show frequently made use of dream and fantasy sequences and other dense imagery and could be described as a light hearted version of Twin Peaks.

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There are dozens of fan sites dedicated to Northern Exposure, nearly ten years after it went off the air. Here are a few.