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Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a private university in Boston, Massachusetts. It was started in 1898 as an evening education program of the YMCA. Its athletic mascot is the Husky.

It is located in Huntington ave. also known as Avenue of the arts and is accessible by the T through the Green (northeastern and symphony stops) and orange lines (massachusetts avenue and ruggles stops.)

In Northeastern University a 4 year program takes 5 years because of it's co-op program, where you study 2 semesters and then work 2 semesters in your field. The school is also known for it's engineering program. The school has a small tunnel system connecting it's buildings, which is very useful in cold weather.

The campus includes the former site of the Boston Red Sox field, now marked by a bronze statue of Cy Young and a home plate marker.

Northeastern has had only 6 presidents in its 100+ year history. All except the current one have buildings on the campus named for them. They are (with years of tenure) Frank Palmer Speare (1898-1940), Carl Stephens Ell (1940-1959), Asa S. Knowles (1959-1975), Kenneth G. Ryder (1975-1989), John A. Curry (1989-1996), Richard M. Freeland (1996-present).

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