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North Walsham & Dilham Canal

The North Walsham & Dilham Canal is the only canal in the English county of Norfolk. It is 7.3 miles long and runs from Smallburgh Junction with the River Ant to Swafield Bridge.

Smallburgh junction with River Ant - 0.0 miles
North Walsham canal junction - 0.4 miles
Tonnage Bridge, Dilham - 0.9 miles
East Ruston branch junction - 1.3 miles
Honing Lock - 2.1 miles
Honing Common Bridge, junction with Honing Staithe Cut - 2.6 miles
Lock No.2, Briggate Mill - 3.3 miles
Meeting Hill Branch junction - 4.1 miles
Lock No. 3, Ebridge Mill - 5.0 miles
Spa Common bridge - 5.9 miles
Lock No. 4, Bacton Wood - 6.0 miles
Austin Bridge - 6.5 miles
Bridge at Swafield Mills - 7.3 miles.

The canal was established in 1812 by an Act of Parliament as a wide gauge canal able to take a Norfolk wherry. It was built at a cost of 30,000 and opened on July 25, 1826, navigable all the way to Antingham Bone Mills. It carried manure, offal, flour, coal, and farm produce. In 1885, the canal was sold for 600, but the canal company's solicitor disappeared with the money. The flood of 1912 washed away several staithes. The wherry "Ella" made the final trading journey on the canal from Bacton staithe in 1934. The canal was never nationalised and still belongs to the North Walsham Canal Company.

Nowadays, the canal is only navigable for the first 2 miles from the Smallburgh end. There are moves to restore the canal, and at present there is work going on to restore the bottom lock.

North Walsham made 10 mosaics for the Millennium celebrations, and one shows a Norfolk wherry.