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Nortenos are hispanic gangs in North America that wear red clothing, claim red, and the number 14, also expressed in Roman numerals as "XIV". Their most dense membership is in Northern California, the area which this gang represents, however their reach is slowly extending across country with sets in New York, Washington, Illinois, and many other states.

A typical norteno outfit might include red belts, red shoes, and red shoelaces. Also one would typically see a norteno wearing brand-name clothing such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, ecko, and Nautica, in red, white and black colors.

Nortenos are often seen riding on cars called "mobs". Mobs are vintage cars which look like "lowrider" cars seen in car magazines, however they usually look more run-down because of the violent way they are used (street racing, crashing into each other, etc.)

Nortenos carry heavy arms when they sell drugs or stolen items. They tend to be very aware of the police because they often possess contraband.

Nortenos are often engaged in territorial rivalries with the Sureņos and Mexican Mafia.

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