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Nitra (in German: Neutra, in Hungarian: Nyitr(i)a) is a town in western Slovakia (and fourth largest town in Slovakia) at the Zobor Mountain and at the Nitra river (see below). Population: 90,000 (1991). Seat of a region (kraj) or Higher Territorial Unit (VC) and of a district (okres).

Together with Bratislava, the oldest town in Slovakia (it was a town as early as in the 9th century).

A town of extraordinary importance in terms of its history: Inhabited since time immemorial, it was an important center of the Celts (last centuries B.C.), seat of the first known rulers of what is today Slovak territory (Quadi 396?, Nitrian Principality around 800, Great Moravia 824?, Frontier Duchy of Nitra within the Kingdom Hungary 970/10481077/1108) and seat of the first bishopric in Slovakia (since 880). Site of the first known Christian church in central and eastern Europe (built in 828 at the time of the Nitrian Principality). The town has a historic center and the so-called "Fortress", which is one of the most interesting ancient complexes of buildings in Slovakia including several churches, a tower and the seat of a bishopric.

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Nitra is also the name of a river (197 km) in Slovakia passing through the town of Nitra. It s source is situated in the Mal Fatra (Lesser Fatra) Mountains and it pours into the Vh river close to the Vh's entry into the Danube.