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Nikolai Vissarionovich Nekrasov

Nikolai Vissarianovitch Nekrasov (1879 - 1918) was the last Governor-General of Finland.

On September 17 1917 Nekrasov was appointed Governor-General of Finland by Aleksandr Kerensky after Mihail Aleksandrovich Stahovich quit from his post. Nekrasovs job was to negotiate between the Finnish Senate and the Russian Provisional Government. The Senate wanted to secure the Finnish autonomy with a treaty. This was approved by Kerensky in September but in October the Senate came with a new proposal which would further increase Finnish independence.

On the morning of November 7 Nekrasov, on his way to Saint Petersburg to hand over the proposal to Kerensky, was informed of the fall of the goverment. He informed the Senate that he would not return to Finland. Nekrasov died the next year in Russia.