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Nightfall in Middle-Earth

Nightfall in Middle-Earth is an album by Blind Guardian that was released in 1998.

The album is a concept album based off the J.R.R Tolkien book(s) The Silmarillion. Many of the tracks from the album are not complete songs but merely dialogue telling a story.

Track Listing

  1. War of Wrath
  2. Into the Storm
  3. Lammoth
  4. Nightfall
  5. The Minstrel
  6. The Curse of Feanor
  7. Captured
  8. Blood Tears
  9. Mirror Mirror
  10. Face the Truth
  11. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
  12. Battle of Sudden Flame
  13. Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)
  14. The Dark Elf
  15. Thorn
  16. The Eldar
  17. Nom the Wise
  18. When Sorrow Sang
  19. Out on the Water
  20. The Steadfast
  21. A Dark Passage
  22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)