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Night of the Living Dead (album)

Night Of The Living Dead was the fourth release from the New Jersey punk band The Misfits. The group's second 7" single was self-released as Plan 9 Records number PL1011 on October 31, 1979.

It was originally sold for two U.S. dollars at a 1979 Halloween show at Irving Plaza in New York, NY.

There was a single pressing of 2000 copies on black vinyl. The only insert was the first ad for the Misfits' fan club, the Fiend Club, featuring their trademark image of the Crimson Ghost, from the 1946 series, on a checkered background. However, for an unknown reason, the Fiend Club insert was not included with all of the copies. The back cover is a photo of the band at the corner of Washington and Morton Streets in New York City.

"Night Of The Living Dead" is based on the 1968 horror movie Night of the Living Dead. Conversely, Glenn Danzig has said that "Where Eagles Dare" was not influenced by the 1969 action movie of the same name. The third song, "Rat Fink," was cover of an Allan Sherman from the 1963 album My Son, The Nut. This was the only studio recorded cover song while Danzig was a member.

The three tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered in June of 1979 at the Song Shop in New York City on a single 8-track tape.

Track listing

Side A.

  1. "Night Of The Living Dead" (Danzig) - 2:02

Side B.
  1. "Where Eagles Dare" (Danzig) - 1:51
  2. "Rat Fink" (Sherman/Wills/Anderson) - 1:50

Recording details