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Nicholas of Tolentino

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, also known as the Patron of Holy Souls, was born at Sant' Angelo, near Fermo, in Ital during the March of Ancona, around 1246. His parents, Compagnonus de Guarutti and Amata de Guidiani, were originally unable to have a child, but after praying at a shrine of St. Nicholas of Myra, Anata became pregnant, and they named their son after the saint.

At the age of 18, Nicholas became an Augustinian Friar and was a student with Blessed Angelus de Scarpetti. He became a monk at Recanati and Macerata, and at the age of 25, he was ordained.

He became ill and received a vision of Mary, Augustine and Monica who told him to eat a certain type of roll that had been dipped in water. He started distributing these rolls while praying to Mary. These rolls became known as Saint Nicholas Bread. He died in 1305 and was cannonized by Eugene IV.

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