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New York FileMaker Developers' Group

The New York FileMaker Developers' Group began as the New York FileMaker User Group in the late 1990s, assembling a cross section of FileMaker users and developers at monthly meetings in Manhattan. It has become a well known source of FileMaker expertise in the New York area. Meetings are regularly attended by people from the metro area of New York and New Jersey, upstate New York, Connecticut, and occasionally Massachusetts.

Over time it became evident that the core members and direction of the group was towards the professional developers' side and the name was changed from Users to Developers, although any given meeting may have people from all ranges of expertise and backgrounds.

Exact history is a little cloudy, but core of the group began with developers Tim Neudecker, Tim Brown and Steven Scharf. By the time Scharf moved to Maine some years ago, an active culture had taken hold, held together and supported by perhaps ten or fifteen central members.

A given meeting of the Developer Group usually varies around twenty or so people, though at times twice that number has shown up. The central feature of the organization is knowledge sharing and problem solving among and for members.