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New World Hockey Association

The old World Hockey Association merged into the NHL in 1979. But in 2003, Allan Howell and Dr. Nick Vaccaro announced the formation of the new WHA. Teams will play in Birmingham, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Hamilton, Minneapolis, Portland, Quebec City, St. Louis, Toronto, and Phoenix. Former WHA star Bobby Hull is its commissioner.

The new league may spawn many problems in the NHL, such as another franchise merger, as the Minnesota North Stars and Cleveland Barons did last time there was a rival league. The Pittsburgh Penguins, Edmonton Oilers – who played in the old WHA, and Phoenix Coyotes – the old WHA’s Winnipeg Jets are all possible teams for a merger (since they are all teetering on the brink of financial existence). Also, many players, like the Philadelphia Flyers’ Jeremy Roenick have considered the new league as an alternative to NHL hockey if there is a player lockout. The WHA hopes to have perfected the term “vulture marketing” by the end of the decade.

Some accepted cities, like Quebec City, had a WHA franchise in the 1970’s. Fans are suggesting that those cities retain the old names. But problems may occur in this due to those owners not okaying the usage of the trademark or the NHL owning the trademark (like in Quebec City’s case). Therefore fans have come up with a nice array of new names: The Quebec Bulldogs (or Les Chiens Quebec), Arizona Phoenix, and assorted others. Names such as the Minnesota Fighting Saints, Cincinnati Stingers, and Birmingham Bulls are up for re-use, as they have been used in multiple leagues.

So here are some names that people are trying to confirm:

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