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New Clean Government Party

The New Clean Government Party (公明党) -- sometimes translated as 'New Komeito Party' -- is a political party in Japan affiliated with the religious movement Soka Gakkai. The present New Clean Government Party was formed as a result of a merger between Komei and the New Peace Party on November 7, 1998.

The Party's mission is to pioneer "people-centered politics, a politics based on a humanitarianism that treats human life with the utmost respect and care" (New Komeito, 2002). Domestically, the Party proposals include reduction of the central government and bureaucracy, increased transparency in public affairs, and increased local (prefectural) autonomy with the private sector playing an increased role. In regards to Foreign Policy, the Party wishes to eliminate nuclear arms and armed conflict in general. In so doing, the party hopes to bring about the "dawn of a new civilization of mankind" (Ibid).

Currently, the party is in a majority coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Basic Facts

Chief Representative: Takenori Kanzaki

Secretary General: Tetsuzo Fuyushiba

Diet Membership: House of Representatives: 34; House of Councillors: 23


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